Atticus Character Analysis

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In the Book To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus is a well respected man in Maycomb. He is a lawyer and the father of Jem and Scout Finch. While Atticus believes everybody should be treated equally, while others in Maycomb do not. Atticus has morality, he has always obeyed the rules. While Atticus is moral he is also a very courageous man. He does anything, and everything to protect everybody in Maycomb, Including the colored people. Atticus is well mannered and civil in everything he does. Overall Atticus is well respected and a role model to his kids and the people of Maycomb.
Throughout parts of the book atticus shows he is moral.He is always obeying the rules and he believes that there is good and bad in people and he he see that in his daily
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Atticus also shows his morality through parenting. He realizes that people are racist and raises his children not be.He remains calm with his kids and keeps an open mind to everything. On page 77 Atticus states “of course I do .Don't say Nigger scout. That's common” That shows he wants everybody to be equal, so he keeps his kids from saying or treating people of a different race differently. That's how Atticus show that he is moral throughout the …show more content…
He is always dressed nice and he will not accept money from people who are less fortunate. Atticus is always dressing nicely and he stays dressed like that till the end of his day. Scout says on page 206 “ He never loosened a strap of his clothing until undressed at bedtime...:” That shows that Atticus is well mannered because he was always dressed nice and stayed that way till bedtime. Atticus is also a civil man. He would do work for Mr. Cunningham, and Atticus would never accept payments of money for his work. He knew the Cunninghams were poor so he accepted hickory nuts and other things that were similar. On page 20 Atticus says “let that be the least of your worries Walter.” That shows Atticus does not want Mr Cunningham to worry about having to pay him. Atticus is not worried about Walter paying him back so he does not want Mr. Cunningham to worry about

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