Atticus : A Black Man Against A White Girl By Harper Lee Essay

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“I admire men of character and I judge character not by how men deal with their superiors, but mostly how they deal with their subordinates. And that, to me, is where you find out what the character of a man is” (General. H. Norman Schwarzkopf). Seeing how men deal with others, who are supposedly lower ranked than them, shows their true character. Atticus is known around town as a great lawyer in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. One specific case was given to Atticus to defend a black man against a white girl. During this time period, African Americans were looked down upon based on their race. Atticus knew he would not win because many members of the jury were racist, but he dedicated a countless amount of hours to the case anyway; therefore, working on the case depicted Atticus’s true character. He is portrayed as honest, hardworking and kind-hearted because of his efforts on the case. Atticus is saint- like in his code of honor as a lawyer, father, and as a man.

Although a lawyer’s purpose is to serve civilians, Atticus went above and beyond the normalities of a lawyer. Atticus was given an impossible case to win, but he dedicated a majority of his time on the case. Atticus said “This case, Tom Robinson 's case, is something that goes to the essence of a man 's conscience — Scout, I couldn 't go to church and worship God if I didn 't try to help that man” (104). This quote truly portrays Atticus’s character and mindset. At that particular time, not…

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