Attention Getter : Imagine An Apple Essay

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Attention Getter: Imagine an apple. Imagine a crisp red apple with hues of green mixed in. Now grasp the apple and take a small bite out of it. The satisfyingly sweet taste of grape is spreading throughout your… wait, your apple didn’t taste like that? Mine did, or at least it could through the process of genetic engineering.

Listener Relevance: From our local Service Food grocery store to a Wal-mart Supercenter, we are living in an era where genetically modified foods are all around us. Since manufacturers are not currently required to label genetically engineered products, I can almost guarantee we have all unknowingly consumed something, at least once in our life, which was genetically engineered.

Speaker Credibility: I suffer from Crohn’s Disease, so I’ve found that by cooking and eating with fresh, local ingredients, I am better able to keep my Crohn’s in remission. I feel genetically engineered food is an unnecessary manipulation of a natural process that places people, like me, with eating and digestive disorders at risk.

Thesis: Genetically engineered foods are an unethical interference that threatens both our health and ecosystem.

Preview: In our ever-changing world, there is an increase in local food becoming tainted with genetically engineered traits, so we are faced with the economic risks, attached with the practice, along with minimal government regulation.


I.Whether it’s called genetic engineering (GE), genetic modification (GM), or a…

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