Attention Getter : A World Where No One Cared About Their Actions

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I. Attention Getter: Imagine a world where no one cared about their actions. We did what we wanted and we never considered the consequences of our decisions. That sounds very depressing and dangerous doesn’t it? This is happening today in regards to our Earth. Everyday people are regrettably not considering the environment with their actions and are continuing to do harmful things to our Earth.
II. Connection to audience: The environment is something each of you should care about. We only have one earth and it’s on each of our shoulders to make a difference. If we can consider what our carbon footprint leaves and change some of the ways we do things every day, we can start to fix all the damage that has been done to our environment.
III. Credibility: I have always been interested in the environment. I started my own club at my high school that promoted sustainability in our high school and even restored an old green house. I have always done things to promote being environmentally friendly and that’s why I am here today.
IV. Preview/Thesis: So today I am going to discuss what exactly is a carbon footprint, current issues with people not being environmentally conscious, and easy ways that you can decrease your own carbon footprint

Transition: Let’s first consider what a carbon footprint is, and why carbon dioxide is bad for the environment.

1) Body:
a) A carbon footprint is described as being short way for saying “the amount of carbon being emitted by an activity or…

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