The Effects Of ADHD On Students

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Amanda Morin states, “In grade school, increasing workloads can be hard for students to keep up with. For some kids, this is when symptoms of ADHD first become noticeable—and your child’s teacher may see signs before you do” (Morin, 2014). Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects many children worldwide, and because of symptoms like attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness, the disorder can also affect the children’s schooling. Schooling can be difficult for many students, but students with ADHD have a more strenuous time in school than other normal students. Many different difficulties can occur during a child’s schooling because of ADHD, but there are also many various methods that can be followed to help maintain …show more content…
Eileen Bailey describes, “ADHD is not a learning disability; however, it can cause difficulties in learning. In addition, children with ADHD have a higher incidence rate of learning disabilities and can have problems with math and reading. Some studies have indicated that as many as 50% of children with ADHD may also have a learning disability” (Bailey, 2016). Many children fail each year because of problems with ADHD affecting their schooling, but many different methods can be used to help a child excel in their classes. Giving the student special homework and tests can help the student learn the information at their own pace and it will also challenge the students mind. Poor academic performance is a major problem for children with ADHD, but with the proper treatment, this problem and many other ones can be taken care of. In conclusion, a child failing to complete tasks, having classroom disruptions, and showing poor academic performance are some ways ADHD affects a child’s schooling. Many different children around the world are diagnosed with ADHD every year, and because of this they develop many schooling problems. These problems can be treated and taken care of with the help of the child’s teachers and parents encouraging and pushing them to do their best. ADHD can cause various problems with children, but it also can reveal the true potential of a child and help them see what they can really

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