Essay Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( Adhd )

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As behavioral disorders like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) become more popularly diagnosed in children it’s no surprise that there have been more children prescribed psychiatric medication like Ritalin. According to the CDC (Center of Disease
Control) there are currently 5.9 million children that have been diagnosed with ADHD(1), of these 9.5 million children two-thirds of them are taking Ritalin or medications similar to it(1).
Although Ritalin and similar medications can be beneficial to children with ADHD. Ritalin should only be prescribed with thorough diagnosis from pediatricians alongside with educated parents and teachers of what ADHD is truly and what is not.
Since the Ritalin started to be used for ADHD back in the 1990s, Ritalin’s use has risen six fold (1). People who are for Ritalin would argue that upsurge in the use of Ritalin means that a safe and effective treatment is finally reaching more of the people who need it. Ritalin defenders say that the drug is effective because it is often proven by asking teacher and parents to rate the behavior of children in a classroom and home setting. When these reports come back with improvements then Ritalin is the reason and therefore should be used. In reality what is happens is that the drug suppresses spontaneous behavior. The reduction in spontaneous behavior in turn makes the children less talkative, less likely to leave their seat, and less likely to cause any disruption. Ritalin also makes…

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