Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ( Adhd ) Essay

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Overview Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, otherwise known as ADHD is an illness within the nervous system and studies have shown that heredity is the most common cause of it. This illness is not new to society, it has been described in many pieces of literature dating back over two centuries. There are three major symptoms; not being able to pay attention, fridges/can’t stop moving (hyperactivity), and impulsive (can’t wait their turn). Sometimes people with ADHD can’t regulate their emotions as well as the other symptoms. All these tells can vary and a lot of children can show these signs, but this behaviour is normally done on purpose to show off. When a child can’t control them, that results in a diagnosis. It may start in early age and can continue into adulthood, 30-60% of children diagnosed don’t grow out of it and symptoms are present throughout their lives. You might of also heard of ADD which stands for Attention Deficit Disorder which is the same thing as ADHD but the name has changed.
People who are diagnosed with ADHD see an impact in their academics, family, and social life. Their academics are affected because of their lack of attention and focus on restricted activities. Family has to deal with it everyday and find the best way to manage it and siblings need to be aware of their uniqueness. Parent and child relationships can be hard to manage and control. With their impulsive behaviour they can act out in a social setting or blurt out things by…

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