Essay about Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ( Adhd )

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The future is never clear, and my own was no exception. Thoughts of what I wanted to do with my life were always followed by uncertainty. During the entirety of my adolescence I always felt overwhelmed by my inability to decide my future, leading to a metastasizing panic in my inabilities to achieve success in any discipline. My transition from childhood fantasies to adult goals was anything but seamless and I often found myself lost, especially in academics. I struggled throughout both my primary and secondary schooling, but always found myself excelling in communicative behaviors between my peers and my ability to think creatively and innovatively. This barrier between my social capabilities and academics grew from my own resentment of my learning/mental disability: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).
I started high school with no clear goals for my life post-graduation. Semesters flew by and I barely scraped together passing grades in my classes. I allowed my ADHD to control me by procrastinating, putting my social life first, and engaging in impulsive behavior. However, the first major transition in my behavior and mindset began when I started my first job.
During the summer transitioning between high school and college, I started my first job at a law firm specializing in family, lemon, and business law. I started the job merely as a way to gain financial independence, but quickly became fascinated with law. Listening in on the paralegal and junior attorney’s…

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