Attention Deficit Disorder Association Is A Non Profit Organization

1042 Words Oct 12th, 2015 null Page
Attention Deficit Disorder Association, also known as ADDA, is a non-profit organization determined to accomplish its “main mission, which is to enlighten the general public about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, especially within adults, as well as, providing a network and resource possibilities to benefit adults with ADHD to thrive,” as stated by the ADDA on their About Us page. It is significant to critically evaluate websites to make sure the material provided is reliable and influential. There are various websites and associations out on the Internet following the criteria, dedicated to providing accurate and precise information on the disorder in hand, but what makes ADDA stand out among the rest? ADDA’s website is preeminence, providing reliable, accurate, relevant, and current information as well as being an authoritative nonprofit organization dedicated to helping adults with ADHD.

Although Attention Deficit Disorder Association is a government domain website, that alone does not make the website automatically trusted. The ADDA is one of the many authorities in non-profit ADHD associations because of its accurate information, ability to help the community and highly respected authors. “Michelle Frank, a psychologist with a PsyD, who is an internationally known expert in the subjects ADHD and women’s issues,” as stated by Psychology Today, wrote and adapted the website’s ADHD fact page from Peter Jaska’s original article written in 1998. Michelle Frank is…

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