Essay on Attention And Memory Of The Movie ' Super Why ! '

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Attention and Memory
Many children are more captivated to watch television shows because they are fascinated with the various cartoon characters. One of the top popular educational shows, where children starting from birth to age five are watching is Super Why!. Super Why!, is a twenty-six minute children’s show that consists of five adorable characters known as Whyatt, the Little Red Riding Hood, Pig, Princess Pia and Woofster. Whyatt is the leader who takes responsibility in vocabulary and carefully reads sentences. The Little Red Riding Hood has to power to rhyme each word. Pig carries a toolbox with all the necessary equipment needed to help form the words using the alphabet letters. Princess Pia has the power to spell out the words through the use of sounds and combinations. Woofster is a puppy who looks for the definition to a word. In addition, children who view are considered super heroes, with the power to help. Indeed, it is a great reading adventure where children gain a better understanding of the alphabet, discover new words, rhyme with the sounds of words, and have a better reading comprehension. This TV show if an effective source of knowledge that encompasses many learning abilities children can display through cognitive development, like attention and memory skills. There are many fascinating episodes in Super Why!, that children exposed can learn. However, I will give great emphasis on one of the episodes called “The Ugly Duckling.” Through my observation,…

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