Attending The Time Management Skills Lecture Essay

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Attending the Time Management Skills lecture was an informative and insightful experience. I learned many things at this meeting, including how to stay organized and how to create goals for myself. This coarse can easily be related to First Year Seminar because all teachers, and almost every career, involves time management and organization skills. I would recommend attending this lecture, this is because it was very helpful for a first semester college student and the speaker was a intriguing and could relate to us. First of all, I learned to prioritize, organize and set goals at this meeting. The speaker showed us a demonstration, she had a jar that represented our day, sand that represented our distractions (friends and social media); small rocks that were necessities (showering, eating and brushing our teeth) and then there were big rocks that represented all of the important things in our lives (grades, family and homework). The first time the speaker put sand in the jar then the small rocks and then the big rocks; when she did this there was not enough room for all of the big rocks to fit in (Time 2015). This means if we put out small needs and wants before the important things, it’s impossible to fit everything into one day. Then, the speaker brought out a new jar; this time she put in the important things first (the big rocks), then the necessities (small rocks) and then she put the sand in (our distractions). This time the jar was not overflowing; it actually…

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