Attending The Illinois Health Information Management Association

800 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Attending the Illinois Health Information Management Association’s convention in Springfield, IL was an eye opening experience, one that had some bearing on my PPE. I had no idea that some of the vendors that I spoke with at ILHIMA would have some connection the PPE site I would be accepted to. GRM and HealthPort are both vendors that Loretto Hospital’s medical records department utilizes and I have personally seen a representative of HealthPort while there several times but I have not seen anyone who is an employee of GRM. While at ILHIMA, I attended several sessions. “Operationalizing Information Governance to Improve the Integrity of the EHR” was about understanding how important it is to document and about the integrity of the information contained within the electronic health record. There were techniques discussed that help professionals understand best practices. The second session I attended was “ICD-10 Weatherproofing” and it was a presentation about preparing for the approaching implementation of ICD-10, which will replace ICD-9 in October. The presenter, Mr. Patrick Murphy, spoke about preparing for it and planning to execute effective strategies to make the transition successful. “The Impact of Healthcare Payment Reform on the HIM Professional” was a presentation held by Carol Wesolik about how many healthcare professionals rely on the health record for proper reimbursement, using indicators and outcome measures. The ever changing healthcare landscape also…

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