Attending College Education: The Importance Of Higher Education

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Students sometimes wonder, how important it is to attend higher education, benefits of attending higher education, and what is one of the best benefits find to be important? I won’t stop until I succeed on explaining; These benefits and the importance of a college education are important now more than ever; no matter how hard it is to assure college-aged students they need it in these current times. Some students in the world wonder why is it important to attend higher educations? Today, few students after graduations will go straight to low standard job with a minimal good pay grade, missing much bigger chances for a better career goal. In an Article by McGuire, Jeff. “Importance of College Education: Why it is important to go to college.” …show more content…
In an article by Playdon, Jane. “Benefits of Higher Education: Graduate Salaries and More” (October 2013) She Writes “Apparently, those with a college education are more likely to live healthier lifestyles,…” saying that college graduates with a degree/diploma, have a greater chance of giving their future children, families, themselves a long lasting healthier lifestyle. Plus, in another article by Redbull706. “The Value of Higher Education” (2010) supports that sentence stating “ Those with at least a four-year bachelor’s degree make more money on average than people. The average they make from that is $20.748 more per year than someone without a degree.” A perfect way of affording health plans, and home/car insurances. For that’s what I’ll be aiming for, so I can provide to myself a bitter future. These isn’t the only benefit to going for but is one that I find most

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