Attending College At Clemson University Essay examples

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My family lived below the poverty line for a period in my life while I was still in grade school and that in it self was difficult. Having one parent unemployed and the other parent was getting payed little to nothing wages. However in my situation, I’m not quite sure how they did it but I was never wanted for too much, other than missing a meal or not being able to have new clothes or shoes. Attending college at Clemson University I’ve had the opportunity to learn about several challenges that are facing the educational system in the state. I first learned about the Corridor of Shame and even had the opportunity to meet students who attended schools along that route and learn about the conditions of those schools. Months prior to arriving at Clemson I had been selected as a 2013 recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship and we are required to attend the Freshman Leadership Conference attended by all of the scholars and alumni scholars on the east coast. Fortunately, at the conference I had the opportunity to meet Tommy Preston, who was the Gates Alumni President who attended University of South Carolina and had formerly served as the university’s undergraduate student body president. During my time conversing with Tommy at the conference he shared with me some of the things he had accomplished while serving as the student body president at his university and one of those exceptional programs was called Cocky Reads. The mission was to improve reading skills among…

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