Attending Buena Vista University It Essay

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Attending Buena Vista University it seems as if everyone plays a sport, the small campus and even smaller student body creates an environment that puts an emphasis on athletics. In my three years attending Buena Vista, I have had two different roommates, both athletes themselves. Living with athletes creates challenges and opportunities that are special to athletes. For a washed up high school athlete getting the chance to live vicariously through some of my best friends at the collegiate level is an experience like non-other. One of the biggest concerns when first heading off to college is will you be able to make friends. By pure chance I was assigned to room with a freshman basketball player, we quickly became good friends. I also quickly became friends with the entire basketball team and now find myself living in a suite, apartment style housing located at the North end of campus, composed entirely of basketball players and myself. The basketball team has become my best friends and me one of there’s. People often confuse me for a member of the team, which is an example of the small campus and the quality of friends one can make at Buena Vista. I have made life long friends, something many college students do, uniquely by befriending an entire athletic team.

The NCAA divides its schools into primarily three different levels of competition. Division three, which what Buena Vista is, is the lowest of the three, the only one that cannot offer any type of athletic…

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