Attending Boston Universities Accredited Online Masters Of Social Work Program

1095 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
Being able to attend Boston Universities Accredited Online Masters of Social Work Program opens possibilities that I would have previously never thought to be imaginable. Boston University is recognized for academic excellence across the country, but most importantly students with a wide range of learning preferences are given the opportunity to study in a way that is convenient and comfortable to them. During my undergraduate career I quickly learned that large classes that went on for long periods of time did little to benefit me educationally. Online classes allowed for a true understanding of the work presented and allowed for my best quality work to be displayed. In addition to taking multiple classes online, attending a tight knit School of Social Work also gave the opportunity to take graduate level classes during my undergraduate career. In doing so, I anticipating learning just how rigorous a graduate level program could be in addition to juggling 16 hours of weekly field work and a full time job. Looking back I would never compare this to a walk in the park, but I can say it has prepared me for whatever challenges may come my way during my path to a Masters of Social Work Degree. Too often I have heard the statement “I did not choose Social Work, Social Work Choose me”. This was not the case for me, not in the beginning atleast. After attending a Technical High School continuing my education in a field similar to that of my trade (bio-technology) seemed to be the…

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