Essay about Attending An Open Alcoholics Anonymous

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I decided to attend an open Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting that is held every Friday of the week at 8:00 pm at the Presbyterian church. This AA group was a fairly large group with around fifty people showing up, individuals would get into three small groups and decide on a “table leader” and then go about their business. This offers clients the opportunity to talk and express any hardships on their minds, things that went on throughout the week and how it made them feel, discuss backgrounds, along with make a supporting friend and potential sponsors to help in their recovery process. I did not just attend the AA meeting, about half way through the meeting I learned about an Al-Anon group meeting that was going on in another room and decided to spend the last half hour there; very glad that I did. The AA meeting was very enlightening to say the least, I was surprised by how open and easy these individuals talked to one another. I understand that they are at an acceptance part in their lives and working to better themselves and get the help needed, I praise them for that. Most individuals I talked to were previous “alcoholics” and felt tempted again due to something going on in their lives, something that happened throughout the week. It can be hard to comprehend the idea where when something goes wrong the automatic response is to drink, something negative happens so drinking will make it better. I have never had that mindset with any substance so hearing these…

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