Attending An Art And Fashion School Essay

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By attending an art and fashion school is New York City, it is evident that people have gone through different forms of education and have experienced aspects of their education that was meaningful to them. Not only was the education of the pre-college art school and art classes at high school itself necessary, but so was the mentor-student relationship I had with my teacher at Mill Street Loft, and my Advanced Placement Studio Art teacher, as well. They showed how important the arts are, and that a degree in the commercial arts is important. Since education comes in many forms, my experience at a pre-college art school and my art class in high school made me realize that pursuing a degree in the arts was the only fit for me.
Although I consider myself a creative and artistic person, I wasn’t always artistic and never thought I would go into the art field. Although I did well in school, I always thought I never had a talent because other students had certain accomplishments that I never had. I usually attempted to draw, but seemed to fail and knew a similar outcome would happen in that class. In high school in Studio Art II I had no intentions of caring about the class, up until my art teacher, Mrs. Ross saw potential in me. One day she said, “Alex, you should go to art school” which I thought was unusual considering I was a sophomore. At that moment, I went back to the memories of me wanting to pursue art and took herself advice seriously. I quickly signed up for my first…

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