Attending A Speech By Dr. Laker Was An Experience Unlike Any Other

1087 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
Attending a speech by Dr. Laker Laker was an experience unlike any other. Dr. Laker is a simplistic man devoted to making a little bit of change in the world. He has his PhD in counselor education. He uses spiritual guidance to help students when they are going through difficult situations. He was also very funny throughout his speech. There was a large number of college students who were there attending for classes, however the intended audience seemed to be middle aged men and women who are interested in different communities and cultures. It was very cool seeing how engaged students who were not normally interested were able to connected to the speaker. There were four different speakers who talked about their different experiences in Pakistan. The title of the speech was “Inside Pakistan: Buffet of Distinct Experiences”. Each one brought an unique experience when they were granted by the State Department to teach at the mega-university, Allama Iqbal Open University which has 1.3 million students. There was no special occasion which gave it a lecture feel. Most lectures tend to be dull and boring, but at this event it was interesting and captivated the audience. Dr. Laker gave this speech in the Martin Luther King Library on May the 3rd along with his colleges. This speech was given in form of a lecture but it was very informative. He did not follow a formal structure which was obvious when given. Dr. Laker introduced his speech through talking about his credentials…

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