Essay on Attending A Mosque On A Friday

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Attending a mosque on a Friday is eye opening to any person, no matter what religion anybody practices. At first, when I walked in, I noticed the mosque was different from any other church I’ve entered, but at the same time similar. The set-up of the mosque was unique. There weren’t any chairs or religious figures, it was one immense empty room with the whole mosque painted in a distinctive pattern from wall to wall. On the other hand, it is similar to any other church. It was a place of worship for people from different backgrounds that believe in one single faith. In addition, the people at the mosque were quite captivating. I was introduced with a polite hello by all and greeted superb by the leaders. This made my experience more welcoming as I tried to understand their religion. Overall, in my experience, attending this mosque was memorable because it opened my eyes to the religion of Islam. On that Friday, November 11, attending Masjid-Miami Mosque, I witness the religion of Islam and noticed the Islamic faith embodied all of Ninian Smart’s dimensions, which are the experiential, mythic, ritual, doctrinal, ethical, and institutional dimension. I noticed the experiential dimension of Islam is expressed through the “numinous” experience. Ninian Smart describes the numinous experience as “the eternal lies, so to speak, behind the cosmos and outside the human being” (64). A Muslim believes in a divine God named Allah who revealed the holy book, the Quran, to Prophet…

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