Attending A Huge University Or Joining A Smaller College Essay

810 Words Oct 6th, 2015 4 Pages
Attending a massive University or joining a smaller college. Deciding which to go to may be easy or not as clear of a choice. Attending a large or smaller college will effect students in different ways depending on the student’s preferences and learning habits. Choosing the right college could determine the success of the students overall learning experience and the grades of the student. Colleges of different sizes have their similarities and differences. Even if the colleges give the same classes, a student may do better at one college more than the other. Depending on how the student learns and partakes in the class, and what kind of environment they prefer depends on the college size they should attend. Whether they prefer a small class, or a large one. Being away from home and having a dorm or stay close by and living at home. Going to a large college could be fun. Being able to get away from home, not having to live by parent’s rules. Living with people the same age and on the same quest as everyone else, getting a degree and having some fun on the way. Going to a big university means to have one’s own responsibilities. Which include setting time limits on themselves to get papers and assignments done on time. Going to class and paying attention. But what if the student can’t study well or when they’re in class and they don’t understand the material well enough or the instructions weren’t clear to them. Having such a big class can make it hard for a student to…

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