Essay on Attending A Certified Nursing Assistant Course

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The summer prior to my senior year, I decided to attend a certified nursing assistant course. I thought that not only will it provide me an interesting activity to mention on my blank college application, but it will also allow me to apply for an entry-level job in the healthcare field. After all, I needed a job. The former seniors at my school warned me about the expenses of this year which range from prom, college applications, senior dues, and everything in between. From day one, I knew that this class would be a breeze. The two friendly instructors welcomed the entire class, and they presented the material in a simple and comprehensible manner. The classroom itself was a small, four room building, and it accompanied a total of eight students during my lessons. Due to such small teacher to student ratio, we possessed optimal opportunities for one-on-one guidance from the instructors. My classmates and I got along immediately. I remember countless of times where we mocked each other’s toes as we washed each other’s feet, recorded ourselves brushing each other’s teeth, and acted out scenes as elderly residents which we dubbed My Grandson. Despite the fun and games, we all passed the final exam for the in-class training, but my teachers instructed us that we still need to spend twenty-four hours total at a nursing home over the span of three days.
Initially, I dreaded the idea of spending a day’s worth of time within a nursing home. I used to hear rumors from people over…

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