What Are The Different School Attendance Policies

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Different Policies

As a first year student in college, I noticed that there was a different rule in the attendance policy that when I was in high school. In high school, it was mandatory to come to school due to the school 's protocol. As I transitioned from high school to college, my professors had a different idea of attendendance. Not all my professors believe that a student should be punished for attendendance for the reason being that they shouldn 't feel the need to make each student come to class if they did not want to. They would use a different approach which is to give them additional points if the student decided to comes to class. Yet, some professors may say that although it is not mandatory to come to their class, the student
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For example, some students who feel forced to go, don 't do well. Others who feel like they will have another benefit other than just their education is a good encouragement and would be a good way to make a student come to class without forcing them and becoming a distraction for others. As Closterman discussed that although these student are adults that does not necessarily mean that they have the right to miss all the class time they want, they should be able to find an ideal solution. A student who just doesn’t come to class is already punishing themselves for the simple fact that they are not really learning what the teacher or professor is teaching to the rest of the students. I don 't believe that a student should be penalized even more if they decide to miss days of class. Although I believe that a student should not be punished for missing days of class, the student should not allow that to influence their decision of not coming to class. Overall, a student should always try to their best to learn and always come to class, since after all they are in charge of their own education, and what they benefit from coming to class would reflect greatly on their overall

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