Attendance Policies At The College Level Essay examples

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Enrolling in a college typically means waking up and showing up to class day-to-day. Apparently, that could be harder than one thinks. Attendance records throughout elementary and high school follow one in college, but keeping those records seem to be difficult for college students. Students in college either become more relaxed or they become more uptight with their attendance. Showing up to classes each day is not a priority for some students. Attendance policies at the college level should not be strictly enforced because everyday attendance is not necessary for all students, because a student’s future is his or her choice, and because some absences cannot be helped. Certainly, not all students need to attend class every day. When one is taking an online class, he or she works at his or her own pace. As long as that student turns in his or her work by the deadline, it does not matter. If a student does not have to be in class every day to learn the lesson and make decent grades, why should he or she need to attend class every day? When a new lesson is being taught, students should attend the lecture; however, the work that follows can be completed outside of the class. If students are dual enrolling during their high school years, those students cannot attend their high school activities because they cannot miss their college courses. With that being said, different opportunities for that high school student could be missed. Attendance does not always affect a student’s…

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