Attend Mass At A Local Catholic Church Essay

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For my Service Learning Project I decided to attend mass at a local Catholic church. I am interested in Catholicism as I have a few family members who are Catholic. Plus a significant amount of my classmates in this religion course were Catholic so I wondered what it was all about. I am not that familiar with Catholicism as I have only attended a few masses in my life for baptisms, weddings, funerals and such. I personally was saved in a non-denomination church and have continued to attend a non-denomination church since then. Upon entry to the parking lot of the Catholic Church I noticed several differences between my church, Community Bible Church and St. Matthew Catholic Church from the architecture of the building to the size. St. Matthew is located on Wurzbach Parkway in San Antonio, TX. Community Bible Church is a very large church compared to St. Matthew. As I entered the church I noticed several people touching water from a vat and putting it on their foreheads and making the sign of the cross. I also noticed that when people entered the sanctuary or before they walked in front of the pew they knelt down and made the sign of the cross before sitting or entering. At Community Bible Church when people enter they are given a handout that speaks briefly to what the service will be about as well as what is upcoming with the church’s schedule and general info. After you receive your handout you can go into the sanctuary which has venue style seating that can…

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