Attend Grants Creek Missionary Baptist Essay

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On August 23, 2015 I attend a local Maysville church not far from where I live to complete the church visitation assignment. I choose to attend Grants Creek Missionary Baptist Church, because it is located in a quaint building out in the country and not to mention a different denomination than myself. This church is of a Baptist denomination, which is unique because it is the denomination of Campbell University. I thought this project would be a great opportunity for me to become more diverse in my faith and discover more about the Baptist culture. It all started on the Wednesday prior to the twenty-third when on my way home I seen cars at the church, so I decided to stop in and meet the pastor and let him know that my intention was to attend the following Sunday service. After meeting the Pastor Terry Golden and a few members of the congregation, they were happy to accommodate and invited me to their Sunday Bible study and service. The Bible study started at 9:45 and the service started at 11:00 Sunday morning. I started to freak out some Saturday thinking about this since I have not been to church for some time. Some of the things that were going through my mind Saturday night was what do you wear to a Baptist service as such? Is it a formal service and wear the best clothes you have? Since the church is located in a rural setting do you wear something that is nice, but more informal? I came up through a church where men wear suits and a tie and women wear…

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