Essay on Attaining A Driver 's Licenses Should Be Increased

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Attaining A Driver’s Licenses Should Be Increased to a Higher Age
This Friday morning was a very special day for a teenager named Layla. She was doing what she normally does each morning. She woke up to the sound of an alarm which went off at
6:45 a.m. everyday of the week. Layla rubbed her eyes as she rolled over to cut the annoying alarm off. She checked her notifications. More than twenty­four messages appeared. Layla texted back just like she normally would. She texted back faster than the speed of light. She brushed her hair, grabbed clothes to wear, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth and checked her phone. There was no texts, surprisingly, so Layla grabbed her keys to her car and fixed her radio. She turned the volume up to twenty­one and backed out of the driveway. She did not even think to put her seatbelt on. Keely, Layla’s best friend, texted her and told her to not forget to bring her something to wear for her party that was going on that night. Everyone was talking about it, they had said that it was going to be the best party. Layla had not checked her phone in time to see the text message Keely sent her before she left the house. Layla grabbed her phone to check it, she was at the speed of seventy­four. She had no idea she was going that fast, her cellphone was distracting her, taking her eyes off the things that are most important. Her life was at stake but she failed to realize it. The message Keely had sent had read “Laaayyylaaaa tonight is going to be the…

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