Attack On Marriage By William Wycherley Essay

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Attack on marriage is one of William Wycherley 's main focuses in the comedy 'The Country Wife It can be argued Wycherley wants to show us that the attitudes towards marriage was wrong, in restoration England is was considered essential to be married, however, Wycherley may be exposing what marriage really is, a business transaction. Wycherley does offer some points which would lead us to believe that women and men do want to get married for love.

Wycherley attacks marriage through most of the women characters, for example, when talking of Alithea’s engagement to Sparkish’s she says “I must marry him; my reputation would suffer” (act two, SC 1 lines 216) it would seem that Alithia only sees marriage as a status in order to keep her reputation or a business transaction, rather than for love. The use of “I must” suggests that from society she is pressured into marriage and it may be something that she does not want to do but feels she has a responsibility. Sparkish’s and Alithea’s relationship shows us that, instead of being based on love it is rather a business arrangement; for example, Pinchwife wants to find a suitable man for his sister “five thousand to lie with my sister” the word “my” a possessive pronoun tells us that she is an object that can be sold to other men, which tells us that Pinchwife has full control over his sister. She is passed around like an object, an example of this is at the end, instead of resolution she is passed around like a spare piece of…

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