Attachment Theory And The Theory Of Attachment Essay

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The Attachment Theory maintains that the bond between an infant and his or her primary caregiver greatly influences personality, cognitive ability, and relationships throughout life. Psychologist Mary Ainsworth studied attachment patterns through an experiment known as the Strange Situation in which a mother left a child in a room for short period of time either alone or with a stranger; the child’s behavior was assessed when the mother left and when she returned. Three different patterns were observed. They are secure attachment, avoidant attachment, and ambivalent attachment. Later research labeled a fourth attachment pattern as disorganized or disoriented (Papalia & Martorell, 20xx).
The most common type of attachment pattern observed was secure attachment in which the infant cried when the mother left and was quickly comforted when the mother returned. Secure attachment is established when a mother is consistently responsive to the babies needs. The baby trusts that the parent will be available when needed and grows to expect that their needs will be met. Mothers who have a secure attachment with their babies are responsive to the child’s needs, for example, providing close body contact when child is anxious and providing nourishment when the child is hungry. The trust developed through a secure attachment leads a child to develop friendships easier, develop problem solving skills, and try new experiences. Children who have a secure attachment are more likely…

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