Essay about Attachment Theory And The Role That Attachment

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Attachment theory and the role that attachment plays in healthy psychological development has long interested me. Research has shown that secure attachment produces positive long-term development (Bosmans & Kerns, 2015). Studies are also discovering that insecure attachment can produce various maladaptive behaviors, including anxiety disorders. Researchers Schimmenti & Bifulco (2015) show compelling evidence linking anxiety disorders in young adults to insecure attachment styles.
Schimmenti & Bifulco’s (2015) hypothesis for their study was that parental emotional neglect during childhood increases the risk of anxiety disorders during late adolescence and young adulthood. 160 youths between the ages of sixteen and thirty were interviewed with 52% (83) of the participants being female. A majority were white UK born (73%, 117), while 14% (22) were from Black or Minority Ethnic groups. 64% of the participants (102) lived with their parents. Many (57%, 92) were working class, while 42% (67) were in education, 18% (29) married or cohabiting, and 20% (32) had children.
Standard interview measures were employed with participants being interviewed either in their home or in research offices. The Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Disorders was applied to assess symptoms of anxiety disorders. Additionally, researchers utilized the Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse to determine the type and severity of abused suffered. Third, Attachment Style Interview assessed…

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