Attachment Styles And How It May Impact Love, Sexuality, Commitment And Viability Of Life Experience

1651 Words Nov 11th, 2016 7 Pages
Attachment can be seen in many different way, however to understand attachment you must know what it means. Attachment is a close, enduring emotional bond that finds its roots at infancy. Attachment can be seen in ways, such as, infancy-caregiver and romantic love attachment. Whereas, researchers have suggested that these two concepts have similar emotional dynamics. Throughout this essay I will be addressing the different attachment styles and how it may impact love, sexuality, commitment and viability of life experience. Attachments can be illustrated in many ways; secure attachment, anxious/ ambivalent attachment, and avoidant attachment. Secure attachment is an individual ,that is relatively easy to get close to other people. People with secure attachment are usually loved by others and within their love longevity, they tend to be happy, friendly, and trusting. Anxious/ambivalent attachment, bring a type of insecurity in adults which they believed that other people did not get as close as they themselves wanted. With this type of attachment, they are worried that their partner doesn’t love them or would leave them ,and that it was easy for them to fall in love. Finally, people with avoidant attachment felt discomfort in being close to other people; they are distrustful and fearful of being dependent. Formally, they believe that romance seldom lasts but that at times it can be as intense as it was at the beginning, fearing intimacy and experiencing…

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