Attachment Is An Emotional Bond Essay

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Attachment is an emotional bond to a certain individual. There is also secure attachment which is a strong, positive, and emotional bond with an individual who provides comfort and a sense of security. A person with secure attachment are more likely to go to that person for comfort, problems, or when they are distressed. Someone also might be very unhappy about separation. In psychoanalytic and behavioral theories attachment is when the mother fed her baby and satisfied the infant’s hunger drive. In the ethological theory it views attachment as an adaptive behavior, built into us genetically. Alan Sroufe says the goal of attachment is for the infant to feel safe and secure and their behavior is designed to achieve this. When a baby feels threatened or scared he or she will cry or smile to keep the parent or caregiver close. Babies are very dependent on their caregivers to provide everything needed to keep them alive. Biologically, babies have behaviors built into their repertoire that is designed to keep a caregiver near at all times. When babies feel safe they rely on parents as a secure base for exploration into the world. Infants also learn to regulate emotions through experiences they have with caregivers and form a special bond with them in order for the caregiver to comfort them effectively. The Development of attachment is based off John Bowlby four stages: preattachment, attachment in the making, clear-cut attachment, and goal-corrected partnership. Preattachment…

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