Attachment Is A Reciprocal And Enduring Tie Essay

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Attachment is a reciprocal and enduring tie that is formed between two people, particularly between an infant and his or her caregiver. Both parties play a role in the quality of the relationship and the strength of the attachment that follows. Attachment is an important part of life and an adaptive characteristic because it ensures that all of the baby’s needs will be met, including those of physical and psychosocial nature. Many believe that attachment is actually a biological process in which babies and parents simply have a natural predisposition to become attached to each other, supporting the adaptive characteristic of attachment. Two studies using functional MRIs have actually supported this theory. One Japanese study examined mothers’ brains, and found that when their own baby cried, certain parts of their brains were activated more than they were when they heard the cries of other babies. A study conducted in the United States found when mothers looked at smiling images of their babies, maternal reward-processing brain regions associated with dopamine were actually activated. This did not occur when the mothers looked at other babies. These physical and neurological reactions do show that there is something amazing that happens internally between a mother and child, bringing to light how important it truly can be to have a strong attachment in childhood and throughout life. While developing, people experience different things and are influenced by different…

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