Attachment Is A Close Emotional Relationship Between Two Persons, Characterised By Mutual Affection And A Desire

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Attachment is “a close emotional relationship between two persons, characterised by mutual affection and a desire to maintain proximity [closeness]” (Shaffer, 1993).
According to the British psychoanalyst John Bowlby, infants start to establish and develop a bond of attachment with the person that takes care of them in their first few weeks of life.
The need for physical contact is more important than the feeding need, which can be proved with the famous Harlow’s test on the Rhesus monkeys, carried out in laboratory. The little monkeys, just after coming to the world, prefer the contact with a surrogate mother made of synthetic fur that gives off heat, instead of the feeding bottle given from a metal and cold surrogate mother.
Like the need for physical contact, attachment is a primary and universal necessity for the human babies; they function as a base for a healthy and happy emotional growth.
The different types of attachment start from when the infant is just born and there are proofs that they stay the same throughout the rest of the lifespan.
By evaluating the evidences produced by several studies, this paper will show how a person’s childhood attachment style is correlated to the way they form relationships in their adulthood.

There are different theories from different studios. Personality theories has been studied by different psychologist for a long time and in this paper will analyze three of them: attachment theory, …………………………………..

Attachment theories were…

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