Attachment And Attachment Disorder By Colby Pearce Essay

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Attachment For several years I have struggled with separation anxiety. I was very attached to my mother as a child, so much, that I was unable to get dropped off at preschool without crying. As time passed, I continued to struggle with my separation anxiety and was unable to understand why others did not have attachment problems even though I still did. It affected so many different things in my life, relationships, being able to go over friend’s houses, going to school, and even just being alone. Attachment became a topic very close to me because I struggled with it and I wanted to understand it better.
Attachment is a very important process that everyone goes through. Each person goes through this process differently and is effected in a different way. In the book, A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder, author Colby Pearce states, “‘Attachment’ is a term used to describe the dependency relationship a child develops towards his or her primary caregivers” (Pearce, 2009, p.13). Attachment relationships play a key role in child development. Attachment is important for development because it affects the child’s perception of importance with others, their concept of self, and their life experiences.
A child’s relationship with their caregiver is very important. Mary Ainsworth understood the importance of this emotional bond and wanted to pursue research that recorded that relationship. Ainsworth completed her bachelors, masters, and PhD in psychology at…

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