Atoms Are The Building Blocks Of Everything From The Structures Of A Building

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Before talking about the elements, the atom must be discussed first. Atoms are the building blocks of everything—from the structures of a building to a household pet. The idea of the atom was first suggested by Democritus, a Greek philosopher born in 460 BC. Democritus hypothesized “that atoms were indivisible and infinite in size and shape as well as firm and completely solid” and that they “existed in a void moving about combining and recombining” (European Graduate School). Later on, a scientist named John Dalton had a similar theory which became well known. In his theory he states that atoms cannot be divided, all atoms of an element must have the same mass and properties, atoms can be rearranged to form compounds and that a combinations of two or more elements form compounds. However, Dalton’s theory contradicts some of the recent finding in chemistry about atoms. Some of Dalton’s points, such as the one that said that all atoms have the same properties were proven false. For example, an element must have the same atomic number but can have a different mass number. Also, it was found that atoms are divisible into smaller components such as protons and electrons. Because of this, the theory was revised in order to remove the points that were false into what is now the modern atomic thoery. The modern atomic theory states that all matter is composed of atoms and the properties of atoms from a element different from those of another element.
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