Essay on Atomic Power And Nuclear Power

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1. “Why the World May Turn to Nuclear Power” is a passage that lays out all of the main components of Nuclear energy. It is filled with statistics and real world examples, including visual aids. The major purpose of this text is to inform the reader that nuclear power is in fact a beneficial form of energy. Three images on page 18 show nuclear power in action. The bottom right picture illustrates a woman repowering her Nissan LEAF car with the help of nuclear energy. The authors tell us that nuclear power is becoming increasingly popular worldwide by stating, “Nuclear power is experiencing a worldwide rebirth,” and “electrification is expanding” (Stieglitz and Docksai 17-19). America needs to start funding nuclear power because it is quite possibly the best form of sustainable energy yet. Aside from being an efficient form of energy, nuclear power is much safer and ecofriendly than most would imagine. The safety factor is backed up by this statistic: “There are 104 nuclear reactors operating in the United States today…Despite consumers’ fears of nuclear radiation, it has not seriously injured, let alone killed, a single U.S. consumer” (Stieglitz and Docksai 20). The article states that efficiency, nontoxic, and cleanliness are all contributing factors as to why nuclear power is valuable.
2. The primary audience of this article is subscribers to The Futurist magazine. More specifically it is aimed towards the people who are interested in learning more about the future of…

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