Atomic Bomb On Japan During World War I Essay example

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The United State’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan during World War ll is one of the most arguable controversies in American history due to the questionable reasoning behind its use, and the horrific effects it had on Japanese citizens. At the time of the bombing it was actually supported by a vast majority of the American public. During 1945, the decision to use the bomb was not only supported but encouraged. In August of 1945 opinion polls given to the American public showed 85% of Americans supported bombing Japan (Hadley, 21). On the contrary, historians such as Gar Alperovitz have argued Truman used the bomb merely to gain political status and power over the Soviets. Those who helped Truman make the decision to drop the bomb such as the Interim Committee and Secretary of War Henry Stimson had doubts about the bomb and questioned how the bomb should be presented. Yet it is also argued the bomb was used because of cost and labor put into making the bomb. If it hadn’t been used, billions of dollars and countless hours of research that stretched back to president Roosevelt and Albert Einstein in 1939 would have been seen as a waste to the American public. “The United States spent more than $2 billion to build three atom bombs”(Davidson, 318). I believe it is a hard decision to justify the use of the bomb. After looking through primary and secondary sources, I believe that the bomb was justifiable because it did save countless American lives, ended the war after…

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