Atomic Bomb Justified? Essay

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Was the Atomic Bombing Justified? The Atomic Bomb made a very serious statement at a time when the world was in disarray (“Manhattan”). World War II was one of the most destructive times in history causing over 50 million deaths and leaving behind mental and physical casualties of war. (“World War II”) It started in September, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland and continued on a destructive path through Europe. Britain and France declared war on Germany. Two years prior in 1937, the Sino Japanese War was in full swing. Japan wanted to dominate China from a political and military standpoint and benefit from China’s many assets (“Sino”). United States, Britain and France aided China with financial aid through war supply contracts, which …show more content…
This bomb was named, “Fat Man,” It weighed 10,800 pounds and had a length of ten feet, eight inches, and sixty inches in diameter. The bomb’s explosion killed thousands of people and injured twenty five thousand citizens (“Fat Man”). Plutonium from the bomb emits harmful chemicals that can penetrate to your bones and has a potential shelf life of 100 years once it is exposed (“The Atomic”).
The damage of an Atomic Bomb not only wipes out the masses when it explodes, the lingering effects continue kill innocent civilian’s months, years and decades down the road. Rain fall that follows any detonation, results in radioactive exposure, which leads to radioactive poisoning. Leukemia is another ailment that can and is passed on through families.
The Atomic Bombs not only brought an abrupt end to war, it clearly showcased America’s power and military strength during a crucial and pivotal time all over the world. These actions deterred other countries, especially Russia from planning attacks against The United States as they could suffer the same fate. “It was my personal opinion that no power on earth could keep the Red Army out of that war unless victory came before they could get in” (“Carroll, Doc. 12”). At the same time, it strengthened relationships with current allies and helped establish a few new ones.
One must note that Japan was in the process of building their own Atomic Bomb whilst trying

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