Essay about Atmospheric Issues

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Atmospheric Issues
Catherine A. Johnson
February 23, 2014
University of Phoenix

Atmospheric Issues
As the planet expands, so does time periods that people spend in different interior spaces. Indoor air quality is of particular interest, since it effects behavior, ventilation, and the health of people. There is major concern for health issues resulting from indoor air pollution, as well as from the atmosphere. Similar to the Volatile organic compounds used in polluting indoor air quality, uses of similar chemicals are causing atmospheric issues as well. Compounds originate from indoor sources; a point of origin of gases or other materials which appears constantly in a similar way, although formed by mixtures of indoor
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Once it has broken down into chlorine, it then reacts with the oxygen atoms in the ozone and rips apart the molecules. Air pollution from mad-made sources such as, smog, factories, incinerators, transportation these do not replenish the stratospheric ozone. Sunlight triggers reactions between nitrogen oxides and volatile hydrocarbons (Berg, 2011)
A study conducted in central Germany with 622 homes in a midscale city called Leipzig, showed 2,242 measurements of more than 60 VOC’s in a single home. Studies concluded “items, activities, and buildings emit fixed compound spectra” (2014) Depending upon the VOC lifetime and the emission strength, the source intensity is variable, but usually the composition is relatively constant. Therefore, one must consider mixtures of VOC’s from multiple sources, because various source combinations of numerous air pollutants, including interactions as well as superposition of compounds, possess different effects on human health and the universes atmosphere. Studies aimed at finding characteristic sources of VOC’s in urban housings in areas without strong outdoor influences.
Air pollutants combined with global warming would be carbon dioxide, coal, oil, methane, nitrous oxide and the tropospheric ozone. Chemicals like toluene/benzene are good markers for influencing outdoor air and traffic. “Local conditions like industry and busy roads create emission sources that differentiate the pollution amount of homes in industrial, urban,

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