Reflection And Reflective Practice

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TASK 1- Atkins & Murphy article
What is reflection/reflective practice?
i) Reflection or reflective practices is a process where you study your own experiences to improve the way you work. This involves consciously analyzing your practices, refocuses your thoughts to produce better ideas to modify your actions and learning needs. This is supported by Donald Schon (1983) where the capacity to reflect on an action is important so as to engage in a process of continuous learning in order to define the characteristics of professional practice.

What critical thought processes underpin reflection? ii) There are four critical thought processes that underpin reflection. Its association, integration, validation and appropriation.
1. Association- is
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It is basically one of the simplest models of reflection. It is a quick and easy way to reflect on a situation after it has happened. ‘What’, ‘so what’ and ‘now what’. ‘What’ is the description and self-awareness level of the experience, what actually happened. ‘So what’ is the analysis and evaluation level. What is behind the experience and the outcomes. ‘Now what’ is the synthesis level. Based on the outcomes from the previous two, reflector will try to come up with new actions and behaviours, to create a new meaning or structures.

The above figure 2 is a reflective model from Atkins and Murphy. Unlike Borton’s model, Atkins and Murphy model has a deeper level of reflection. For this model, it suggested that for effects to take place, it has to be followed by an action commitment. This begins with the awareness of an uncomfortable feelings or thoughts from the action. This is then followed by the description of the situation that includes salient and feelings. Reflector will then analyse feelings and knowledge of the situation, identifying the challenged assumptions and explore alternatives. Evaluation and consolidating learning will need to be included in this reflection process by asking questions like ‘does it help to explain and/or solve problems?’ These steps will then be used to identify whether any learning has
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