Athletics : The Biggest Ritual On Campus At Transylvania University

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Rituals Athletics are the biggest ritual on campus at Transylvania University. Participating in collegiate sports is a huge commitment and requires mental and physical strength. Life on a college campus is based around a weekly routine, or ritual, that the previous culture has passed down throughout the years. Those who are not a part of a culture and their ritual may not understand why one would endure the qualifications such ritual. But those who are a part of the culture, know how rewarding it is to be a part of something great and have substantial benefits in the long run. Arguably, one of the most rigorous rituals on Transylvania’s campus would have to be the softball team and their practices. To be successful on the softball team, a player must be consistent in participation, have a great attitude, and must keep up their school work. Just like any ritual, the softball team is a huge commitment only few are willing to make. For the fall season, the softball players at Transylvania University endure long practices from early September until the end of October. The practices are so long because during the fall season, practice is usually restricted to being on the weekends. The first practice of the weekend begins Friday afternoon, there are two practices on Saturday, concluding with another practice on Sunday afternoon. Most teams would call practice their daily ritual, for the softball team softball is more like a weekend long ritual. On this particular weekend,…

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