Athletic Training For College And Becoming An Athletic Trainer

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From the time I was very young I had my future planned out. My major and career have changed a few times since then. I am now planning on studying athletic training in college and becoming an athletic trainer. I have researched the University of Georgia, Georgia College and State University, Mercer University, and University of North Georgia and have also gone over their positives and negatives.
University of Georgia has many great aspects and very few negatives. Most importantly UGA has a very safe campus. One of my questions for my student interviews was about campus safety. Amanda Compton, the student I interviewed, said that she felt very safe and said that a student card is needed to enter all of the dorms. Also, students can have their email and phone numbers put into a system that will alert them if there are dangerous situations on or near campus. The class sizes at University of Georgia vary based on the class, but most of the Athletic Training classes have an average of twenty-two students. This is a positive component to the university because having a few large classes will be a good experience and having smaller major classes will allow me to connect with my professors. The location of the University of Georgia is great because there is a lot to do around campus, but I can also go home every weekend. Going home on weekends is important because I am very close to my parents and I don’t think I would enjoy being away from them for several weeks. The negatives…

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