Athletic Trainers Vs. Professional Sports Essay

1494 Words Nov 15th, 2016 6 Pages
Most people today have seen on television during a sports game an Athletic Trainer run out to the field to assist an injured athlete. They are the first line of care during any emergency situation on the field when they are present. Many different athletic and even non-athletic settings employ Athletic Trainers for the different services they can provide. Athletic Trainers can provide more than just taping an ankle and applying ice. They also create rehabilitation programs, manage acute injuries, along with many more tasks. They can be easily overlooked when the general public only views a glimpse of the profession and notices what they do off the field or court. Colleges at all levels and professional sports have realized the benefits of having a Certified Athletic Trainer on their staff. A Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) is an individual who has received a B.S. Athletic Training degree from an accredited university and passed the Board of Certification exam (BOC). Currently in the state of California any person with slight training and education can call themselves an Athletic Trainer and work at a high school. California is currently the only state in the United States to not have Licensed Athletic Trainers (LAT) which already sets us back as a profession compared to the rest of the country. The fact that any person can then call themselves an AT is unacceptable and unfair to the student-athletes they treat because it isn’t quality care. Even though the cost will be…

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