Essay on Athletes 's Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Within the past three decades the world of sports has developed into multi-billion dollar business, with franchises and individual athlete’s signing sponsorship deals and TV rights contracts worth millions. This has put immense pressure onto the shoulders of athlete’s, sports clubs and national sporting federations to succeed, win major titles and gold medals. This increase in pressure has caused coaches, and athlete’s to make the decision to take performance enhancing drugs to attempt to increase their level of performance and increase their chance of success. We have read and heard about many doping scandals on the news within recent years to do with high level performers being caught taking illegal ergogenic aids such as: Lance Armstrong, Maria Sharapova and Justin Gatlin. ‘An ergogenic aids are substances, techniques or materials that are work engineered or performance- enhancing’ ( Holowchak) With all the controversy shrouding the sporting world, it is time for Pro sports to accept that PED’s are a part of the professional game and legalize them for the benefit of the sport, athlete’s credibility and allow the world to enjoy elite athletes smash the limits of human performance. Does not one desire to know the true extent of human capability? By legalizing PED’s this would allow one to answer many interesting questions such as: if ‘ Usain Bolt can run one hundred meters in nine seconds, fifty- eight milliseconds’ without the aid of illegal ergogenic aids, whats his…

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