Athletes Should Not Be Role Models Essay example

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Who do your kids look up to? Do they look up to a superstar, or a drug addict? In todays world we need to make sure we are careful of who our kids idolize as many athletes make poor moral decisions as they gain fame. Our kids should look up to role models based on their life choices, not based on the number of Sport Illustrated covers they are on. Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Alex Rodriguez are all current day examples of how athletes can reflect a negative image to kids. Athletes should not be role models for today’s generation of kids because many make poor ethical choices, they often don’t worry about who their actions are impacting, and the kids look up to them without realizing that they do.

One of the major problems of athletes being role models is that kids don’t know who they use as role models. Many kids use athletes as role models without realizing it. According to research,"As many as 59 percent of adolescents can identify a role model in their lives, according to research published in the January 2011 issue of the "Journal of Adolescent Health."(Williams). This is not only a problem for young kids, but for older student athletes. For example, former offensive tackle from the University of Oregon, Greg Schwab, said professional athletes play a huge role in college athletes’ lives by setting bad examples, such as drug use. He said,”For many male high school athletes, pro athletes are major influences. They are the role models. They choose the jersey numbers of…

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