Athletes Need The Athletic Program Essay

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Universities need the athletic program just as much as athletes need the athletic program. Although colleges benefit more from the relationship, the only route for athletes is through the university. By having college sports, a university is able to market the athletic department as a reason to come as well as a make a profit from the department. On the other hand, athletes have the chance to study and broaden their knowledge; practice and play against the best athletes; access to the best coaches and equipment; as well as the ability to make a name for his or herself. If an athlete truly desires to take his or her career to the next level, the athlete needs a university; therefore, the exchange of playing for free tuition is an equal one. Not to mention that the students who don’t plan to play the sport at the next level receive a free education as well. Although free tuition seems to be an adequate reimbursement for a student’s talent, the student sacrifices a lot for their athletic scholarship. Also, keep in mind, not every student athlete is on a full scholarship, so many do not receive what many believe is a fair exchange for their time. While people like Miles Brand, the head of the NCAA like to show donors the student athletes receive the best of both worlds, an athletic scholarship and an opportunity to play college sports, athletes say that’s far from the truth. Athletes say they have to choose to focus on their education or their sport. Often times, if an athlete…

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