Athletes Are Overpaid Essay

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Playing a sport is fun, but being paid big dollars for it, majority of society find that ludicrous. It’s understable why many people oppose the high salaries athletes make because it’s hard to believe a person can make that much from playing ball and having fun. Society view athletes as an overpaid profession from their emotions. There’s have to be why athletes make on average millions a year. They are not paid that “ridiculous” amount for no apparent reason. Athletes are behind the success of our economy. Many businesses and jobs are kept alive because of them. Athletes are not overpaid because they have helped many businesses become successful, an inspiration to society, and their profession is a huge risk to their health. That is why they are deserving of their millions. We …show more content…
They help our economy grow financially, be role models to many people, and have to face severe risk that can happen any time with what they do. Many people are quick to judge how athletes are overpaid by looking at the large number in their salaries, but do not look at the work they have to do. Their work is overlooked and under appreciated. We are too shallow to realize athletes are more than people who just play ball. They have huge influences in today’s world, and with the amount of work they have to do, their salaries are justified. They may actually be underpaid because money cannot define some of the tasks these athletes did in our world. We are too quick to judge athletes and compare them to common occupations, and complaining how they make significantly more. There are reasons why there are only very few selected to be apart of this profession. Businesses clearly find it reasonable to pay them the big dollars. Playing ball is easier said than done. Their impact in our society justifies their paycheck. They are paid big bucks for multiple reasons, and those reasons completely backs up why they are worth that

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