Athletes Are More Prone At Eating Disorders Than Non Athletes

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In studies it has been proven that athletes are more prone to eating disorders than non-athletes. Athletes use a tremendous energy that the body tends to want to eat more or not enough. All athletes need to keep a watch on how much they eat because an unhealthy diet could lead to poor performance, injuries, or worst of all, cause death. Athletes need to eat enough healthy food for the body to correctly function at full potential and have great performance.
The body, like a car, cannot work without gas. The body needs sufficient healthy food to work. Counseling is very useful on making wise food choices for athletes which will allow the athlete to make good habits on eating healthy. If the athlete realizes that he/she has an eating disorder then the athlete needs to get treatment or help as soon as possible, the treatment is very effective. Identifying an eating disorder can be overlooked if it is not being searched for. Eating disorders include anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is a lack or loss of appetite for food. Some athletic sports on average with athletes end up having anorexia nervosa from eating disorders. Athletes with anorexia nervosa try not to eat because they have an obsession with losing weight and staying skinny, it is an emotional state of the body which is mainly found in females.
If athletes are not eating enough healthy diets and go untreated, then the eating disorder can turn into a long lasting effect. Untreated eating disorders in athletes have long…

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