Athletes And Fame

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Many professional athletes have success and endless fame, but the real “definition of success . . . has little to do with fortune of fame.” Success can be described in various ways but most people claim that success is “the accumulation of material possessions or the attainment of a position of power, prestige or perhaps fame.” Success may have something to do with possessions and money, but that is not nearly all of the aspects of success. Professional athletes are set on a greater pedestal because they receive excessive amounts of money compared to average people. Money should not be the key factor in success and fame. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, and all other professional jobs that take extensive schooling to get their particular degree, …show more content…
“Three-quarters of players in the National Football League have serious financial problems within two years of leaving the game,” which goes to show that paying them too much can be destructiveness in the long run. A specific number of professional athletes come from below average economical homes. They go from not having much money to pay their payments from day to day, to starting their career with their professional team. A drastic change happens when athletes go “from not having money to [having] money. Once professional athletes are done with their career then they go “from having money to not having money” which is completely disastrous. Professional athletes do not know how to manage their money because they are handed unusual amounts of money. Many wonder why professional athletes play the sport that they do, because it makes one wonder if it is for the love and passion for the sport, or is it for the loads of money they receive. Professional athletes come “into a vast sum of money all at once.” Some know how to manage it and others do not, but making money is not necessarily defined as success. If professional athletes cannot manage their money, than they should not be getting paid inordinate amounts. Managing money is just another aspect of showing that professional athletes do not know how to deal with certain things just like egos, fame, and

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